API documentation

Our public API is very simple and easy to use. There are 2 methods to send a notify message:

1. Send a notify using email. Just send an email to <apikey>@notifymydevice.com. All devices that have subscribed to this apikey will receive a push notification. The subject of the mail is the title and the body should contain the message.

2. Use a HTTPS or HTTP post to deliver your notification. The url is: https://www.notifymydevice.com/push You should also supply these parameters: ApiKey, PushTitle, PushText.

Example: https://www.notifymydevice.com/push?ApiKey=123456789&PushTitle=Event&PushText=MyEvent

This is an example for nodejs

This is an example for C#

This is an example for Pyhton

This is an example for Java

If you would like to share your solution with other Notify users please mail this to:


Or send a push message to: